A beneficial parting
A beneficial parting
Captive ReLease
Captive ReLease

Welcome to Captive ReLease!

eCODE’s Captive ReLease brokerage service

brings together organisations wishing to dispose or divest of an offshore Captive — a partly or fully owned offshore subsidiary carrying out work for the parent organisation in a low-cost economy — and reputable service providers actively seeking acquisitions of this kind.


Captive ReLease enables divesting organisations to maintain existing business and technical cover using part or all of their usual offshore staff, but who will then be employed by the potential acquirer.


Forrester Research says that  it is now 25% more expensive for companies to operate their own offshore Captive centers than it is to have an Outsourcer do the work. Click here to read about these and other potential concerns. There are also a few Key Questions that you may wish to consider further.


Implementing eCODE’s successful and proven Captive ReLease business model results in extremely low levels of:

  • staff attrition
  • Business As Usual degradation
  • legal complexity

when divesting your offshore subsidiary to a qualified and experienced service provider and leasing back the ongoing service for either a fixed or variable period of time under a managed services agreement.


Captive ReLease melds together security, skill, know-how and market expertise with total discretion and client confidentiality.


Our goal is to provide long-term, sustainable solutions for the future success of your business.

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Captive ReLease

is a business division of eCODE - the European Centre for Offshore Development, a leading independent, vendor-neutral Third Party Advisory organisation specialising in offshore, nearshore and onshore Outsourcing Advice and Implementation Management.

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eCODE brokers the successful divestment of Royal London Group's IFDL development and test centre subsidiary in transfer and lease-back deal

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