A beneficial parting
A beneficial parting
Captive ReLease
Captive ReLease

Additional services

When a potential divesting organisation engages with eCODE on the Captive ReLease programme, it may decide to do so on either a Finder's Fee or a Success Fee basis.

The Finder's Fee model enables the divesting organisation to contact Potential Aquirers from a pre-qualified long- or short-list provided by eCODE and to 'run with the ball' from there. Any additional professional services (see below) that may be required can be added on a Time & Materials basis. For a copy of eCODE's current T&M fee scales, please contact us and request a copy of our published rate card.


The Success Fee model — based on a variant of the industry-standard Double Lehman scale —  includes a number of additional services within the price structure and relieves the divesting organisation of the every day management of deal preparation, leaving the divestor free to concentrate on Busines As Usual.


If no deal is consumated, then no Finders Fee is payable and the only charge will be the initial Engagement Fee.


Our additional services at a glance:

  • Assisting the Owner in establishing an MPSP (Most Probable Selling Price) value
  • Developing an Information Memorandum on the Owner and the Captive and/or on the Acquiring Parties. This will take the form of a document either outlining the business of the Captive for the Acquiring Parties or the commercial background and technical capabilities of the Acquiring Parties for the Owner
  • Conducting any additional buyer searches based on eCODE’s proprietary database and confidential market research
  • Marketing of the Captive to prospective Acquiring Parties
  • Screening of Acquiring Parties for ability to complete a purchase
  • Coordinating negotiations and providing deal-structuring advice from an Outsourcing perspective
  • Providing overall deal-management to guide the Owner through the entire process
  • Planning any proposed ensuing Managed Services
  • Helping to maintain or enforce confidentiality of the transfer and sale.

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eCODE brokers the successful divestment of Royal London Group's IFDL development and test centre subsidiary in transfer and lease-back deal

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