A beneficial parting
A beneficial parting
Captive ReLease
Captive ReLease

Some of the Key Questions to ask yourself when you are considering selling a Captive

  1. Is the work being performed in the Captive core to your business, or could it be moved over to a 3rd party? 
  2. Is it worth keeping your Captive, but re-locating it to a more appropriate location? 
  3. What are the risks to the business of these various options? 
  4. Can you work with the chosen Outsourcer to manage the Transition process, ensuring that there is a smooth transfer of knowledge, people and operations? If so, who will be defining the Transition Map and who will be responsible for ensuring that its milestones are properly met in a timely fashion? 
  5. What will be the impact on "Business As Usual" and how will you minimise it?
  6. Under new ownership, are the staff attrition rates likely to change and, if so, what affect will these have on knowledge loss and/or new training requirements?
  7. What are the future realistic practicalities if you should need to take some or all of the operations back in-house?
  8. By disposing of your Captive, what are the cumulative savings in: 
  • Communications and travel costs
  • HR and payroll costs
  • Management time?

   and how should these be reflected in the sale price and/or any follow-on   Managed Services agreement?

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eCODE brokers the successful divestment of Royal London Group's IFDL development and test centre subsidiary in transfer and lease-back deal

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