A beneficial parting
A beneficial parting
Captive ReLease
Captive ReLease

How Captive Release works

Through our extensive network of high-level contacts in the international Outsourcing community, eCODE is able to continuously update its knowledge-base of organisations which may be interested, under suitable terms and conditions, in divesting themselves of offshore Captives which no longer match the prime objectives of their core business.


Similarly, eCODE both approaches and is approached by other companies seeking to extend either the breadth and scope of their current facilities or who may prefer to acquire new technical or fulfilment functionality rather than to spend time and physical resources on further organic expansion.


For both the divesting organisation and potential Acquirers, similar Service Brokerage & Non-Disclosure Agreements are entered into with eCODE in order to protect the confidentiality of each party's interests. A sample copy of these documents can be made available on request. eCODE will then act as a commissioned broker acting for, but not as an agent of, the divesting
organisation, which becomes eCODE's client in any such deal.


The divesting organisation provides eCODE access to all relevant public-domain information regarding itself and the Captive together with any such information of a proprietary and commercial nature as it sees fit. eCODE will treat any proprietary information — including the name of the organisation and that of its captive — in the strictest confidence until such time as one or more suitably qualified and commercially credible Acquirers have signed a similar Agreement. At this time, eCODE will pass to the potential Acquirer(s) the public domain information together with that amount of any confidential information which has been expressly approved in writing by the organisation.


For the potential Acquirer

the service is completely free of charge other than for the reimbursement of any pre-agreed out-of-pocket expenses which eCODE may incur on the potential Acquirer's behalf. 


For the divesting organisation

either a Finder's Fee or a Success Fee is levied dependent upon the type of service required. Typically, the Finder's Fee is a small, fixed percentage of the deal value (with a minimum floor value) and the Success Fee is a sliding scale based on the Double Lehman formula. The Success Fee basis allows a divesting organisation to concentrate on Business As Usual during the disposal process by transferring much of the time-consuming, day-to-day activities of the deal to eCODE. A list of some of these additional services can be seen here.


An Engagement Fee — a small, one-off, non-refundable charge designed to help cover the initial costs incurred by eCODE in performing its services — is payable by the divesting organisation as part of the project mobilisation. This charge also expresses a commitment to the process on the part of the divesting party and is payable before commencement of the engagement.


Any incidental, pre-agreed out-of-pocket expenses are payable at cost.


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eCODE brokers the successful divestment of Royal London Group's IFDL development and test centre subsidiary in transfer and lease-back deal

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