A beneficial parting
A beneficial parting
Captive ReLease
Captive ReLease

The Captive ReLease Outsourcing Brokerage Service

 eCODE — the European Centre for Offshore Development — is an independent Third Party Advisory (TPA) which provides and promotes offshore Outsourcing for both users and suppliers of offshore services. Our clients are based throughout the UK, the US, Western Europe and the emerging economies.


Our consultants, managers and research teams are fully experienced in the various forms of Outsourcing and have daily contact with both users and suppliers, building up our knowledge of current market trends and our ability to pass this knowledge onto our clients.


The UK-based Captive ReLease brokerage service offered by eCODE brings together organisations wishing to dispose or divest themselves of an offshore Captive — a partly or fully owned offshore subsidiary carrying out work for the parent organisation in a low-cost economy — and potential acquirers specialising in offshore service provision. 


The offshore Captive may specialise in IT Outsourcing (e.g. Application Development & Maintenance, 1st, 2nd, 3rd-Level Help Desk, etc.), Business Process Outsourcing or Call Centre Outsourcing, and the Captive ReLease service offerings are currently limited to these business domains.


Potential purchasers typically fall into one or other of the following categories:

  1. a company located in one of the emerging economies, such as India or Eastern Europe, which wishes to acquire an additional, ready-made development or service pool that can be dove-tailed into the organisation's existing facilities or
  2. a US / UK / Western European Outsourcing provider wishing to blend its customer rates using an effective back office or call centre in an emerging economy or
  3. companies which prefer to acquire new technical functionality, fulfilment centre capability or call centre facilities, rather than to spend time and physical resources on further organic growth.

A feature of the Captive ReLease service is the very firm emphasis placed on both total discretion and client confidentiality.

How Captive ReLease works

Release the financial capital, management time and resources tied up in a no-longer wanted Captive, at the same time changing your corporate balance sheet to reflect variable offshore costs under a Managed Services agreement rather than a fully or partly owned subsidiary and a potentially depreciating asset.


Click here to find out how the service works and how we charge for it.

Additional services

Whether short-term or long-term management planning, eCODE's Captive ReLease management expertise allows you to navigate and plan your Captive's disposal and any ensuing Managed Services with greater assurance.


Click here to find out more about our ancillary services.

Management Continuity and Delivery

Thinking about the future before it happens: we travel with you on the path to ordered, coordinated management continuity.


Click here to find out more about the Captive ReLease management continuity once the deal has been struck.

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eCODE Captive ReLease
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Tel:  +44 23 9248 3700

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E-mail: release@ecode.org.uk


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eCODE brokers the successful divestment of Royal London Group's IFDL development and test centre subsidiary in transfer and lease-back deal

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